Netflix, Uber and Amazon: Kings of on-demand.

Early adopters of new technologies often end up dominating markets. Netflix, Uber and Amazon disrupted entire industries through early adoption of technology and a deep understanding of customers wants and needs.

  • Netflix understood that people prefer to access movies from the comfort of their own home.
  • Uber knew that mobile apps, card payments and GPS were 3 technologies massively underserved in the private car hire industry, and traditional taxis reacted too slowly.
  • Amazon saw the power in convenience for both consumers and retailers, building the most powerful marketplace in the world.

Don’t be Blockbuster, Blackberry or Toys R US. Adopt early and give your company a chance to reach its potential.

Blockbuster, Blackberry and Toys R Us

Businesses who slowly adopt new technologies and ideas get left behind.

  • Blockbuster got beaten by Netflix because they didn’t accept that people didn’t want to leave their house to watch a movie.
  • Blackberry tried to protect its keyboard instead of accepting that people wanted large touchscreen displays.
  • Toys R Us didn’t go all in on their online presence and developing their own eCommerce business.


Employer brand
Film production
Employee value proposition
Copy writing
Motion graphics
UI/UX, build and support


PPC (Social, Google, YouTube)
Lead generation
Results based
Automation and optimisation


Actionable Insight
Attribution and measurement
Centralisation & sharing
KPI measurement


Visual design and assets
Positioning analysis
Value proposition
Developing authority


Strategy development & implementation
Develop authority
Develop trust
Lead generation
We follow the attention
Educate your audience
Give real, actionable value


We find the most suitable professionals to fill positions on a project, part-time or full-time basis.
Use our network of talent to achieve growth and optimise workloads in your various departments. We place professionals within your company as and where you need them.

Our Method

When we work with a new company, we like to undertake a full analysis of their existing situation to really delve into the everyday processes, strategies, business models, workflows and personnel.

After establishing the current outlook of a company and comparing this with data from competitors; we can suggest appropriate methods to optimise processes, develop new strategies and ultimately beat chosen KPIs.

Our solutions can be tailor made for each client – if you recognise that you want to improve in a specific area such as HRM or marketing, we can provide solutions exclusively for these areas.