Case Study


Within the space of 9 months, we helped Flax.People expand to 6 locations across the Netherlands, over 100 people working in various long-term construction & engineering projects and entirely restructured their internal systems, sales procedures and recruitment procedures. We also helped them to implement marketing campaigns to consistently find new qualified candidates searching for work.


Compay Name: Flax.People
Date: March 2020

Flax.People finds projects for Dutch construction & engineering workers in The Netherlands. They pride themselves on efficiency, speed of delivery and always delivering suitable workers to their clients.

Analysing Our Problem

In order to expand our operations to multiple locations and scale growth, we needed to find a way to:

  • Quickly onboard new employees to our procedures
  • Systemise sales so that new employees can be onboarded quickly, results measured and bottlenecks identified
  •  Create a marketing campaign that applies to all locations and can be scaled as necessary 

Creating A Custom Solution

We immediately implemented some marketing campaigns to find highly qualified candidates who were immediately looking for work. We also created campaigns for people who were looking for work in the medium and long term, so that our candidate pipeline always remained full.

All internal processes were systemised and noted so that analytics and KPIs could be measured. This way, we could identify bottlenecks early and use KPIs as a benchmark to measure relative performance.

“Working with Sparkle Business Innovations during 2020 allowed me to scale my employment agency nationwide. They took care of ALL internal processes and marketing campaigns, which gave me the time to focus on other key areas.

We’ve developed a strong level of trust and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us.

Menno Kloostra

CEO, Flax.People