After working in digital marketing and online recruitment for over a decade, we have noticed that recruitment, marketing and communications are influencing each other more and more. Our knowledge and vast experience in these disciplines is a true asset for the companies we work with.

We know that having talented employees is essential for the sustainability and growth of any company, which is why we build brands that attract the MOST talented employees and guide these companies to achieve their goals. 

Having already worked with some of the largest employability companies in the Netherlands, we know that quickly and efficiently providing perfectly qualified candidates is key. We understand the intricacies of working with candidates from all over Europe and we understand the requirements of companies searching for candidates.


We help companies optimise their business processes, give them a stronger online presence and help converge digital and traditional marketing efforts. Sparkle Business Innovations is not only about finding people and employees but also helping businesses to achieve higher goals, better results. We do this with extensive use of real time analytics, data analysis, social media marketing, UI/UX design, photo / video production and copywriting.

Our team is made exclusively of talented individuals who are experts in their fields. Our marketers, communications team and business development team are constantly learning and growing so that they can deliver the highest ROI for our clients. Our recruiters speak multiple languages, have a high level of empathy and truly understand the requirements and desires of candidates. Finally, our HRM team is always finding the best way to ensure that our clients’ teams are producing optimal results.


Our solutions

Be versatile

if your company can be versatile, you give yourself the best chance to survive and thrive in an industry that will be also unrecognisable in 10-15 years.

Unlock the potential of your brand

by becoming an authority in your industry and giving people a reason to trust you. Ensure companies and people recognise you and invoke the appropriate emotional responses.

Work with talent

keep the costs of your company down by only working with talented individuals. People with potential and the willingness to work hard and grow. Talented employees in key positions will allow your company to scale.

Innovate and grow

stay ahead of the curve with technological advancements, communicate efficiently, optimise processes with data.

What we realised

Volume & centralisation is key

We see many small and medium sized companies struggling to survive against the giants in their industry. Instead of competing and fighting against each other, they would often be better served by working together – sharing data, sharing logistics etc.

You cant change people

we communicate with prospective candidates in their preferred manner. In other words, we go where the attention is.

Innovators stay ahead of the game

we are constantly testing new channels of communication, new ways of optimising processes and new methods to develop relationships with our partners and candidates.

Brand is king

In the digital landscape of 2020 there is an incredible amount of competition. The only way to stand out is to develop a brand that inspires trust and offers true value to its partners and candidates.