Sparkle Business Innovations

Helping Companies Grow Through Innovation & Optimisation

Cut costs, increase staff efficiency and explode your sales with our proven methods!

We can help your company in the following ways:

Streamline your expenditure

Statistics show that most companies overspend on:

  • Paid media due to lack of KPIs
  • HR-related costs
  • Unnecessary SaaS product

Optimise your workforce

Is your workforce working towards a common goal? Are they consistently motivated? Are their results measurable and more importantly, are they being measured?

There is a fine line between pushing your team too hard and keeping them motivated

Explode your sales

We create B2B & B2C sales systems that provide measurable results and are tailored to your company, most of which is results-based.

We implement systems that allow you to target prospects that your competitors haven’t even considered yet!

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Success Stories

Working with Sparkle Business Innovations during 2020 allowed me to scale my employment agency nationwide. They took care of ALL internal processes and marketing campaigns, which gave me the time to focus on other key areas.

We’ve developed a strong level of trust and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us. 


CEO, Flax People

With the space of 18 months and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Sparkle Business Innovations was responsible for taking our start-up from 0 to over 600 people sent to work at various companies across The Netherlands. Sparkle implemented systemised internal processes and some marketing campaigns that beat over 80% of other employment agencies!


CEO, Praca.Work


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